Best Tennis Racquets Under 300g

best Tennis Racquets under 300 grams weight using yonex precision scan measurement machine

Recently, we’ve been testing a lot of Racquets under 300 grams and measuring their weight using a scale machine, so we thought, why not publish our thoughts as a convenient list?

Beginner Racquets typically weigh less than 300g, making them an excellent choice for intermediate players, junior players, and even advanced players who need a little extra maneuverability from their Racquets.

Best Tennis Racquets for Beginners

List of Tennis Racquets for Beginners

Choose racquets from this list if you are a starter More Details

It can be challenging to determine which of these Racquets is right for you because of marketing jargon, making it tough to understand.

Here are our top 10 favorite Racquets under 300 gr that we selected based on their characteristics and how they will affect your game. We have put this together to help you in your search for the perfect racquet under 300g.

Best 10 Tennis Racquets under 300 grams in 2021

Racquet ModelsRating Amazon Price
Babolat Pure Drive★★★★★ Check Price on AMAZON
Wilson Pro Staff 97L★★★★★ Check Price on AMAZON
Wilson Adult Hammer 5.3★★★★★ Check Price on AMAZON
Babolat Pure Aero Team★★★★★ Check Price on AMAZON
Wilson Blade Team★★★★★ Check Price on AMAZON
HEAD Ti S6★★★★★ Check Price on AMAZON
HEAD Microgel Radical★★★★ Check Price on AMAZON
HEAD Ti. Reward Comfort Zone★★★★ Check Price on AMAZON
YONEX V-Core Pro Lite 97★★★★ Check Price on AMAZON
HEAD Titanium Ti S5★★★★ Check Price on AMAZON

1. Babolat Pure Drive – Best Tennis Racquet for Women

babolat pure drive 2021 tennis racquet under 300 gr

Babolat is a French sports equipment company. Pierre Babolat found the company in 1875. The brand has earned a great deal of popularity for its durable tennis Racquets and strings.

So, if you’re intermediate and wish you could hit the ball like a pro, or an advanced player wishing you could perform with accuracy, then I have picked you a Racquet that will serve you well—introducing the Babolat Pure Drive 2021 Tennis Racquet.

Babolat Pure Drive devices are appealing because of their attractive design. The HTR system demonstrates very well this. A Racquet’s hoop contains a laying-up material that provides incredible rigidity and explosive results. The system is called High Torsional Rigidity.

Graphite has been used for the construction of Pure Drive. Beginners may find the heavier racquet a bit difficult to handle since it is more difficult to control.

Pure Drive features a 100-square-inch midsized plus head. This size of head facilitates effective ball striking. The spins and controls of your strikes will also be improved. The odds of misses are also lower. This racquet measures 27 inches in length.

  • Head: 105 sq. in. / 677.42 sq. cm.
  • Strung Weight: 9.8 oz / 278 g
  • Length: 27 inches / 68.58 cm
  • Composition: Graphite
  • Beam: 23/26/23 mm
  • Color: White/Blue
  • String Pattern: 16×19 (Mains x Crosses)
  • Racquet Stiffness: 67

Babolat Pure Drive 300 G Review

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2. Wilson Pro Staff 97L – Best Lightweight Racquet for Power & Control

Wilson Pro Staff 97L Tennis Racquet

A concept designed by Roger Federer for Pro Staff Rf97 focuses on adding power and control and generating dynamic power. Tennis players of all types can undoubtedly improve their hitting skills with this racquet, making it an excellent purchase.

To begin with, with a heavy head design, the Wilson racquet is best suited to all kinds of players. Advanced players can use it to smash the ball or use groundstrokes to destroy their opponents.

Furthermore, Feel simply amazing, Whether or not you are ready for a rebound shot, Wilson Pro Staff can help you handle it without hassle.

Finally, with its 100% carbon fiber and graphite construction, the Pro Staff Rf97 is quite sturdy. The reason this practice grows in popularity among all players is that it enhances their hitting.

  • Head: 97 sq. in. / 626 sq. cm.
  • Strung Weight: 10.2 oz / 290 g
  • Length: 27 inches / 68.6 cm
  • Material: Graphite
  • Beam: 23 mm
  • Color: White/Black
  • String Pattern: 16×19 (Mains x Crosses)
  • Racquet Stiffness: 69

3. Wilson Adult Hammer 5.3 – Best for Recreational Players

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Tennis Racquet

Among Wilson’s many tennis Racquets available on the market, this racquet is another in its wide range released as a Roger Federer series.

With a lightweight frame and easy swing, Wilson Federer Racquets are an ideal choice. If you’re new to tennis or returning to the sport after a long break, it is the perfect option for you. If you have a recent injury that has left you needing something lightweight while you regain your strength and endurance, the racquet may be a good option for you.

Since the racquet is lightweight, it won’t last as long as possible, but it would work well if you only play a few times each week.

In the first few months, serious tennis players will snap their racquet strings.

You can hold the Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racquet correctly, even though there are many different grip styles in tennis. Even beginners will find it relatively easy to learn and grasp (literally) since it takes little effort.

  • Head Size: 110 sq in / 710 sq cm
  • Length: 27.5 in / 70 cm
  • Strung Weight: 9 oz / 255 g
  • Stiffness: 70
  • Beam width: 28mm/25mm/25mm
  • Composition: 15% Hyper Carbon & 85% Graphite
  • String Pattern:16×20 (Main x Crosses)
  • Racquet colors: Black & White with Gold highlights
Tennis Racquets for Recreational Players

List of Racquets for Recreational Players

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4. Babolat Pure Aero Team – Best Tennis Racquet for Spin

Babolat Pure Aero Team Tennis Racquet under 300 grams

Babolat Pure Aero Team is Rafael Nadal’s intermediate version of the famous Pure Aeros. It provides players with an optimal blend of power and spin.

This stick weighs 285 grams unstrung, a weight that makes it ideal for those seeking speed in their strings without sacrificing power or spin.

FSI Spin Technology and Cortex Pure Feel give you easy access to spin, as well as a softer sensation to help you in your race for extra performance.

(Because of Rafael Nadal). The Pure Aero Team maintains the relentless topspin groundstrokes that make the Aero series Racquets so popular.

It’s designed to move the ball off the strings, and you can expect this racquet to offer good levels of spin and mobility for intermediates and advanced players alike.

  • Head Size: 100 sq in / 645 sq cm
  • Length: 27 in / 68.5 cm
  • Weight: 10.1 oz / 286 g
  • Beam width: 23/26/3 mm
  • Composition: Graphite
  • String Pattern:16×19 (Main x Crosses)
  • Stiffness: 71
  • Racquet colors: Black & White with Gold highlights

5. Wilson Blade Team – Best Affordable Tennis Racquet

Wilson Blade Team Green & Black

Blade team racquets are designed in a simple, elegant style, durable, versatile, and lightweight. With the most flexibility, this model has the barest and purest DNA of blade performance franchises. A concise and detailed pattern is found in the top 3 and 9. Thick-raised racquets have a precise and controlled attacking style.

The thin beam provides a long dwell time for the racquet because of its thin construction. A more aggressive player is also easier to control Graphite material is used for making it.

Playability and comfort are improved with multifilament strings.

A lightweight racquet that is easy to control and most popular among beginners and intermediate players, the Wilson Blade team is excellent.

  • Head: 99 sq in / 639 sq cm
  • Strung Weight: 295g /
  • Length: 27 in / 71.1 cm
  • String Pattern: 16×18 (Mains x Crosses)
  • Composition: Graphite
  • Beam: 22 / 22 / 22 mm
Best Affordable Tennis Racquets Under 100 Dollars

List of Tennis Racquets Under 100 $

Choose which suits your budget Under 100$ or Under 50$.

6. HEAD Ti S6 – Best for Beginners to Inmediate level Players

Head Ti S6 best tennis racquet for beginners

The lightweight feature of titanium makes it so popular. A Racquet made of this material is easier to swing during play, giving players better control. Users will notice an increase in spin and control, though it may not offer a tremendous amount of power.

Ti.S6 Racquet by Head is one of those new and excellent Racquets that head is famous for bringing to players.

For beginners and intermediate players with quick strokes looking to gain an advantage during their matches and take their abilities to the next level, the Head Ti.S6 Titanium Racquet is a perfect choice. Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray are two of the company’s notable ambassadors.

A Racquet with high performance and large head size (155 sq. in) makes this a great pick for beginners. Larger heads generate lots of power. Featuring a soft grip, it provides exceptional comfort. Also, it features ShockStop technology to reduce vibrations and consider shock when the racquet strikes the ball.

A lightweight Racquet with titanium weave is created, combining titanium with graphite and maintaining its stiffness and power without sacrificing weight.

  • Head: 115 (in²) / 742 (cm²)
  • Weight: 8.9 oz / 252 g
  • Unstrung Weight: 8.3 oz / 235 g
  • Length: 27.5 in / 70 cm
  • Beam: 28.5 mm
  • String Pattern: 16×19 (16 Mains / 19 Crosses)
  • Composition: Graphite/Titanium Composite
  • Flex: 76

7. HEAD Microgel Radical – Best Tweener Tennis Racquet

HEAD MicroGel Radical Tennis Racquet under 300 g

In order to distribute the sock received by the ball throughout the frame, HEAD MicroGel Radical Racquets utilize the MicroGel technology. You’ll enjoy playing the game more when you’re comfortable and feel good throughout. Strings in this set are dense, allowing the player to deliver fast, powerful strokes at the baseline without sacrificing much power.

MicroGel technology, which is new to the Radical series from HEAD, further improves its performance. With its silicone-based material and 100% carbon fiber frame, the racquet is evenly distributed. Intermediates and experts alike can play it, as the table is highly durable and stable thanks to its technology.

With a 98 head width, you can generate a lot more pop spin with each shot and enable the ball to travel faster and bounce higher. With the racquet designed for comfort and reducing stress on the players, you will be able to play longer and more aggressively.

With 10.4 ounces. This makes it easier for you to maneuver and swing faster. Interestingly, the handle is a bit heavier than the head so that you can maneuver it more easily. The game’s balance is excellent, and there is no unnecessary heaviness.

  • Head: 98 sq in or 632.26 sq cm
  • Strung Weight: 11oz or 312g
  • Length: 27 in or 68.58 cm
  • Beam: 22mm
  • Composition: Microgel / Graphite
  • Racquet Colors: Orange, Grey & Black
  • String Pattern: 18×20 (Mains x Crosses)

8. HEAD Ti. Reward – Best Oversized Tennis Racquet for Beginners

HEAD Ti. Reward Best Oversized Tennis Racquet under 300 grams

A Wide Range Of Casual Tennis Players Can Benefit From The Head Ti Reward Recreational Tennis Racquet. The 110″ head creates a large sweet spot, perfect for players who are just learning.

The Head Company is Always Pushing Athletic Equipment into the Modern Era Because Of Its Pioneering Work and Changes in Skiing and Tennis. With Head Tennis Equipment, you will be able to play at every level. Tennis Racquets For Adults Have A Light Head Balance Which Helps Reduce Vibrations.

Lightweight tennis Racquets that are crafted from Nano Titanium provide incredible durability. Adding a Contour Cushion Grip Makes Playing More Comfortable And Ensures A Great Grip All The Time.

The measurement of the frame weight is 280 grams, and the head and grip sizes are 110 inches and 4.25 inches, respectively.

  • Head: 110 sq in or 709 sq cm
  • Weight: 9.9 oz or 280 g
  • Length: 27 in or 68.58 cm
  • Beam: 25 mm
  • Composition: Titanium
  • Racquet Colors: Shiny Blue & Black
  • String Pattern: 16×19 (Mains x Crosses)

List of Oversized Tennis Racquets

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9. YONEX V-Core Pro Lite 97 – Best Weapon in Kids Tournaments

YONEX V-Core Pro Lite

Over the past few years, Yonex has steadily become one of the most popular frame manufacturers on the pro tour and recreational players alike.

Those looking for an easy-to-handle frame for their advancing skills have a new Yonex V-Core Pro 100 Lite option. With the replacement of the Duel G Lite, this model featured several advanced features.

Named carbon has been incorporated into key areas of the frame, allowing for more flex and power return. The new Lock Booster grommets deliver improved power and grip, while Yonex’s signature isometric head shape creates a large sweet spot.

Yonex V-Core Pro 100 Lite will earn rave reviews from young players and juniors looking for a frame with a fast feeling and the capability to grow with them. The baseline provides good pace and spin production, letting you smoothly move your way to the net.

Serving with this racquet is versatile, thanks to its spin and control. A player frame with the responsive qualities of a player frame should appeal to players looking for an easy-to-swing frame with a wide range of game attributes.

  • Head: 97 sq in or 626 sq cm
  • Weight: 10.2 oz or 290 g
  • Length: 27 in or 68.5 cm
  • Beam: 20 mm
  • Composition: H.M. Graphite Black Micro Core, Namd
  • Racquet Colors: Navy Blue
  • String Pattern: 16×19 (Mains x Crosses)

10. HEAD Titanium Ti S5 – Power Tennis Racquet for 12-16 Years Old Kids

HEAD Titanium Ti S5 CZ tennis racquets lightweight

Head Titanium Ti S5 Racquet features patented Comfort Zone technology, a feature that tennis players worldwide desire.

The newly designed dampening system reduces the string vibration by an impressive 25% compared to the previous model.

Additionally, the cone-shaped grommets allow ball acceleration to be increased due to their improved connection.

You’ll gain added comfort while playing with a Comfort zone racquet, which isn’t usually found in a long-frame racquet. With its lightweight design, it is simple to maneuver and offers an excellent platform for many shots, including slightly off-center ones.

Choosing one of the five available sizes will help you maximize your performance, as it has a 20% larger sweet spot than other Racquets.

Such Racquets are perfect for transitional players, those who can effectively handle medium-to-high powered serves, and those who prefer exercise to the game.

  • Head: 107 sq in or 690 sq cm
  • Strung Weight: 8.5 oz or 241 g
  • Length: 27.75 in or 70 cm
  • Beam: 27 mm
  • Composition: Graphite/Titanium
  • Racquet Colors: Matte Grey
  • String Pattern: 16×19 (Mains x Crosses)

FAQs under 300g Racquets

1. Is 300g heavy for a Tennis Racquet?

NO, with a weight of 280 to 300 grams, combines power and control.

2. What is a good weight for a tennis racquet?

The weight of the racquet should be more than 300 g for advanced male players. The racquet should be balanced with a handle-heavy balance, have a grip size between 3 and 5, and have 270-300 grams for those who want lightweight tennis racquets for more power.

3. What is the lightest tennis racquet?

HEAD Ti. Reward is the lightest tennis racquet. The measurement of the frame weight is 280 grams, and the head and grip sizes are 110 inches and 4.25 inches, respectively.

4. What weight is the Djokovic racquet?

The weight of the Djokovic racquet is 353 grams which is HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed Pro Racquet.

To conclude

So that’s all about what you should and shouldn’t keep in mind before choosing a Tennis Racquets under 300 grams. The coaching experience I have has tried to illustrate each and every point.

Make an excellent decision based upon these things and keep them in mind as you go forward.

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