Best Lightweight Tennis Racquets Review

Best Lightweight tennis racquets for Adults

Majorly beginners, females, seniors or players who suffered from an arm or shoulder injury prefer to go with a racquet whose weight is under 280 grams or 10 ounces.

In search of a lightweight tennis racquet, you have to compromise on control, because as weight decreases power increases, or you can say control and power are vise versa.

Making a list of top-rated lightweight tennis racquets to facilitate junior players will help you to look at all the sticks at once.

Top 6 Lightweight Tennis Racquets Review

1. Head Speed Lite – Best Tennis Racquet for Adv Juniors

Head Graphene 360+ Speed LITE

Head Speed Lite with a solid Graphite frame and a lightweight body meets the demands of not physically mature to tennis like professionals.

The racquet barely weighs 9.3 ounces and improves the overall swinging speed. As a result, the chances of hitting powerful and accurate strokes increase sufficiently.

Speed Lite comes with special construction. The brand has shifted all weight to the head to reduce the overall fatigue and tiredness. So, juniors can play some powerful shots without any fatigue.

The 100 sq. inches head size deliberately enhances the sweat spot for adding more control and precision. Beginners could easily middle the ball while avoiding the edges for precise strokes.

In a nutshell, Graphene 360+ Speed LITE offers a comfy feel and enhances the hitting power with a generous enough sweat spot. Although it’s a bit expensive, you should definitely consider it if you want to improve your gameplay.

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  • Head: 100 in² / 645 cm²
  • Length: 27 in / 68.58 cm
  • Unstrung Weight: 9.3 oz / 265 g
  • String Pattern: 16×19 (16 Mains / 19 Crosses)
  • Beam: 25mm
  • Flex: 68
  • Composition: Graphene 360+/Graphite
  • Racquet Colors: White/Black
  • Sturdy and Lightest Frame.
  • Heavy head enhances power.
  • Graphite material improves longevity.
  • For beginners and junior players.
  • White color attracts dust.
  • No cover included.

2. Babolat Drive G Lite – Best Lightweight Tennis Racquet of All Times

Babolat Drive G Lite Tennis racquet review

Babolat Drive G Lite is ultimately the best option when it comes to beginners or junior players. I, for one, loved playing with it a while back when my friend asked me for a practice session.

The tennis racquet is light in weight. Babolat has shifted all the weight down to its head. Therefore, it’s easier for beginners to swing it.

Not only that but you’ll love the blend of speed, control, and power that the racquet offers. The string and grommet adjustment with a tight tension helps the racquet to enhance stability and balance. Speed is already improved as it’s a lightweight racquet.

Coming towards the construction now. Babolat has made this racquet with Graphite, which makes the overall frame rock solid and durable enough. The racquet, on the other hand, this racquet is under $150.

Long story short,
It’s a go-to tennis racquet for players who want to improve their game and control the overall tempo of the game while playing tough opponents.

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  • Head: 102 in² / 660 cm²
  • Unstrung Weight: 9 oz / 255 g
  • Length: 27 in / 68.58 cm
  • Beam: 23mm/26mm/23mm
  • Composition: Graphite/Cortex
  • Racquet Colors: Navy & White
  • String Pattern: 16×19 (16 Mains / 19 Crosses)
  • Flex: 70
  • An ideal choice for junior players.
  • Offers optimal power, speed, and control.
  • Special strings arrangement for extra spin.
  • Head Light Racquet
  • Doesn’t come with a racquet cover.
  • Want to avoid tennis elbow then go with less stiffness.

3. Wilson Blade 100L – Best Lightweight Racquet for Intermediate Players

Wilson Blade 100L tennis racquet V7 is now reviwed

In case you are an agile tennis player and want to up your game with a lightweight racquet, then Wilson Blade 100L is meant for you. With durable construction, light stick, heavy head, and sleek shape, the racquet could just be the perfect choice for you.

To state some basic features, Wilson lightweight racquet weighs only 10.1 ounces. With such a lightweight shape, the brand has induced a light head interface to increase the speed and power. So, it’s easier to contain your opponent with some powerful strokes with added control.

Contrary to that, you’ll love the FeelFlex technology that offers a flexible feel whenever the ball hits the sweet spot. This premium feel gives positive vibes and allows advanced players to keep hitting their targets.

Along with other features,
I specifically liked the parallel drilling feature in the string pattern. It improves the sweet spot and gives more control plus accuracy to the advanced players.

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  • Head: 100 in² or 645 cm²
  • Unstrung Weight: 10.1 oz or 285 g
  • Length: 27 in or 68.6 cm
  • Beam: 22 mm
  • Composition: Braided Graphite/Basalt
  • Colors: Black/Green/Silver
  • String Pattern: 16×19 (Mains x Crosses)
  • Flexibility: 68
  • FeelFlex technology adds a flexible feel.
  • Heavy head frame for improved power.
  • A lightweight body improves the swing.
  • More maneuverable than other tennis racquets.
  • Optimal grip for shots handling.
  • Not recommended for senior players.

4. Babolat Pure Aero Lite – Best Lightweight Tennis Racquet for Beginners

Babolat Pure Aero Lite  Tennis racquet

Do you want to dominate the court using some extra spin with control and precision? If that’s the case, then Babolat has got you covered. The latest Pure Aero Lite is made specifically for juniors who want to focus on improving spin shots.

First things first, one of the best lightweight tennis racquets comes with an aerodynamic head. This improves the overall power and speed to help beginners play their favorite shots easily.

On top of that, the open string pattern is simply phenomenal. No matter if you are a newbie or an advanced player, this pattern will help you achieve more spin than expected for sure.

Babolat Pure Aero Lite is all about a PURE feel. The new SMAC material integrated with graphite not only absorbs the vibration but also gives a premium feel at the same time.

In a nutshell, Pure Aero Lite with only 9.5 ounce weight and with an equal head balance frame offers an aesthetically pleasing gameplay experience. Would definitely recommend it to juniors and intermediate players.

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  • Head MP Size: 100 (in²) / 645 (cm²)
  • Unstrung Weight: 9.5 oz or 270 g
  • Length: 27 in / 68.58 cm
  • Beam: 23mm/26mm/23mm
  • Composition: Graphite
  • Racquet Colors: Yellow/Black
  • String Pattern: 16×19 (Mains x Crosses)
  • Flex: 67
  • Aerodynamic head improves speed and control.
  • Open string pattern for more spin.
  • Suitable for intermediate players as well.
  • Helps beginners to improve their accuracy.
  • Only a few pieces left in stock.
  • No racquet cover included.

5. Wilson Pro Staff 97UL – Best Arm Friendly Tennis Racquet

Wilson Pro Staff 97UL Tennis Racquet review

Pro Staff 97UL from Wilson focuses on control and accuracy while maintaining proper speed.

The lightest tennis racquet weighs 10 ounces and is durable enough to help you play some powerful strokes to win game points.

Furthermore, The special 16×9 string pattern ensures more control and added spin to every stroke adult players make.

Advanced players could also enjoy playing some decent shots with one of the best lightweight tennis racquet.

97UL Pro staff is the lightest racquet with full length in the Wilson Pro Staff series which comes in V13.

Adding to the features, Wilson advertises the Pro Staff 97 Ultralight with only one word, “Versatility”.

The racquet offers a fast swinging pace, adds more power, and feel. Plus, the extra spin works like icing on the cake for tennis players.

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  • Head: 97 sq in / 626 sq cm
  • Unstrung Weight: 9.5 oz / 269 g
  • Length: 27 in / 68.6 cm
  • Beam: 23.5 mm
  • Composition: Graphite
  • Color: Black
  • String Pattern: 16×19 (Mains x Crosses)
  • Flexibility: 66
  • Comfortable Pro Performance grip.
  • Improves control and spin on strokes.
  • MidPlus head size more nimble.
  • Lighter than Wilson RF97 and Pro Staff 97 CV
  • Not suggested for tall and big players.
  • Frame paint might peel off.

6. Prince Textreme Tour 100L – Best Tennis Racquet for Serve & Volley

Prince Txt Tour 100L Tennis Racquet

Finally, the list of best lightweight tennis racquets comes to an end with the introduction of Prince Textreme Tour 100L.

This durable, comfortable, and lightweight racquet enable junior players to improve their control and stability on multiple shots.

The Textreme technology being used in the frame not only makes it lighter but also improves the overall stability. More stability means better control and grip on fast swings.

Notably, Txt Tour 100L also features a 100 sq. inches head size along with a 16×18 string pattern. Both these options not only increase the sweet spot but also improve the overall accuracy for beginner players.

In the end, What I loved the most about this racquet is its affordability.

Compared to the likes of Wilson and Babolat lightweight racquets, this model costs less than $150 and a perfect racquet choice on low-budget.

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  • Head: 100 sq. in. / 645 sq. cm.
  • Unstrung Weight: 9.5 oz / 270 g
  • Length: 27 in. / 68.6 cm
  • Beam: 22/23/20 mm
  • Composition: Graphite & Textreme
  • Color: Black/Orange
  • String Pattern: 16×18 (Mains x Crosses)
  • Light head easy to maneuver.
  • Make fast swings.
  • Adds power and extra spin.
  • Cheapest on our List.
  • Not suitable for seniors.
  • No other major issues.

Final Verdict

Choosing the best lightweight tennis racquet could be the first step you’d take to play tennis. That said, if you don’t make the right decision, you’d end up frustrating yourself with inaccurate and blunt strokes.

Now, it’s up to you to choose the best racquet as per your budget and preferences. A piece of advice from me? If you have the money, then simply choose Babolat Drive G Lite as you won’t find a racquet better than this to start your tennis career.


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