Vintage Wooden Tennis Racquets

best Vintage wooden Tennis Racquets decorated on wall

Tennis racquets have evolved over the years in terms of quality, style and performance. This evolution is not a one-day story, not so quick as you can witness the transformation from old school racquets to modern technology-packed racquets.

The wooden structure rackets and oversized head racquets are the symbols of quality among popular tennis players.

The manufacturers are all-time busy improving the durability of the tennis racquets frame. From the strings, grommets and handle grips, the overall design of racquets is always a challenging task and still busy discovering more variants.

In this article, we will review the top 5 best Vintage Tennis Racquets that will surpass quality standards and help you play in a better way.

List of Top 5 Vintage Tennis Racquets to buy Online

1. Easter Special Rare Vintage Wooden Antique Tennis Racquets

Wilson Rare Vintage Wooden Antique Tennis Racquets with cover

The antique wooden racquets are the bomb and are famous among tennis lovers. These racquets are used as decoration pieces to adore the restaurants, tennis clubs, and special tennis gifts. These types of special rare vintage racquets are antique, and the company never guarantees to play with them.

The Strings are solid and intact, while the frame is made of top quality wood, making it an all-time preferred vintage tennis racquet. The leather grip shines and makes the handle non-slippery. The grip size 4 1/4″ comes with an excellent cover.

Wilson Rare Vintage Wooden Antique Tennis Racquets

It’s a unique and esthetic gift due to its elegance. You can expect years of life span as the company offers a lifetime warranty. You will receive the racquet on a beautiful cover.

Don’t ignore Wilson’s tennis Brand Logo printed over it, adding elegance to the presence and making the product value-added.

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  • Use as a decoration piece
  • Solid intact strings
  • Non slippery handle
  • Top quality wooden structure
  • Not for playing

2. Vintage Dunlop Wood Tennis Racquet, Made in England

If you are searching for something special in design and playing performance, then this Dunlop tennis racquet is the perfect thing to buy.

The product is made in England, according to modern benchmarked quality standards. You can gift the Vintage Dunlop wood tennis racquet to a Junior player to build his/her interest.

The strings are fixed, and regular play will never affect the strength of these strings. You can use the racquet as a piece of decoration, as it looks great on the wall. The grip is made of premium graded wood; that’s why the players find it easy to hold. The thickness of the grip is engineered to ensure comfortability.

Dunlop Vintage Wood Tennis Racquet Made in England

It only takes 7 to 15 days to arrive, and you will enjoy doorstep delivery. The product is an advanced version of its prior racquet and is considered a value-added edition in the racquet family. Maybe, some players are not happy with its blue color but still, the tennis racquet is a good collection in your stock.

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  • A vintage designed racquet
  • Comfortable handle
  • Wooden structure
  • Delivery Time is 7-25 days

3. Vintage Style Retro Wooden Tennis Racquet

This Racquet is not for professional use, and you can’t even play a club level match with this. The overall structure is nicely designed with wood to ensure durability. The product is built to last for years and is a value-added thing to buy as a gift item.

Vintage Style Retro Wooden Tennis Racquet

You will be amazed at the quick delivery within five working days. The vintage style racquet is a unique blend of colors, as the combination of black and wooden shade looks perfect. So are you buying this beauty deva as a gift or as a decoration piece?

The Retro company has engineered a range of professional and vintage tennis racquets branded and unbranded. This variant is designed to display and theoretical use, you will love the presence of the racquet in your living hall, or room.

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  • Placed in British Sports Museum
  • Excellent Design
  • Double toned colors
  • Vintage Styled
  • Not a playing racquet

4. Vintage Wilson Jack Kramer Jr Autograph Wood Tennis Racquet

This is a perfect example of a Vintage Racquet designed and engineered by Wilson Jack. The product is made in the USA, according to the highest quality standards and is still available at a cheap price.

Wilson Vintage Jack Kramer Jr Autograph Wood Tennis Racquet

This wooden racquet comes with a cover, used to wrap the strings, which is so nicely designed to enhance the look of the racquet, even when wrapped. The grip has been engineered after years of research, as the brown color looks adorable. Moreover, you will find the Wilson signature of the core structure of the racquet.

You can’t play with this item but can increase the living hall’s gloss with this decoration piece. The size of the product is compatible, neither too long nor small. So are you willing to buy this beauty for your new house or as a marriage gift? Well, it’s available at a low price.

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  • Vintage Styled
  • Premium quality
  • Wilson Signature
  • Limited stock

5. BANCROFT Wooden Vintage Tennis Racquet

The racquet is an excellent combination of yellow and black color, famous for its quality finishing. The company has nicely engraved the brand name over the racquet to make it a signature product, a completely value-added edition to overall vintage tennis racquets designed so far by the company.

BANCROFT Wooden Vintage Tennis Racquet

The core structure is made of fiberglass and graphite, slightly colored yellow to enhance the appearance, while the handle is tossed with a black tone. The grip is quite thick compared to the overall racquet thickness, still easy to grip. Special ingredients are polished to strengthen the quality of the handle.

The strings are yellow, tightly packed, and one may not need to fix the strings daily. This guarantees potential strokes and ultimate performance. An excellent product for tennis coaches and beginner-level players. The overall product weight is around 1.1 pounds. Order this Vintage racquet as this comes at an absolutely fair price.

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  • Head Size: 11.88×8.66 in. / 30.2×22 cm
  • Item Weight: 1.1 Pounds
  • Length: 26 in. / 66 cm.
  • Composition: Fiberglass, Graphite
  • Racquet Colors: shiney wooden
  • Grip Size: 4 1/4 inches
  • Made of fiberglass
  • Strong strings
  • Solid structure
  • Comfortable handle
  • Available in one variant
  • Not Wooden Structure

Wilson is one of the most prominent tennis brands and its old Wood Tennis racquets are top in the world. Their elegant bats are made from the finest maple wood with a polished finish.

Top Tennis sports brands are for their trendy and stylish products such as wooden racket frames. Their wooden racquets come in many designs, sizes and colors to cater to every customer’s need.

If you want to buy any of above mentioned wood tennis racquets, it would be ideal to do your research about the pros and cons of each before finally deciding on the one that fits your requirements the best. Select the best package according to your budget and requirements.

Our Verdict

We prefer you to buy Vintage Wilson Jack Kramer Junior Autograph Wood Tennis Racquet as the product is a symbol of beauty and elegance.

The price is fair, and you will find the product at your doorstep within seven days. Hang it on the wall and feel confident. You can also buy this to surprise your loved ones, as a marriage gift or as a birthday present. 

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