Doubles Tennis Players Positioning & Rules

This is a form of a tennis game in which four players play from their respective team, players can be males or females, two players on each side of the court in doubles tennis. 

But in a mix double 1 man & 1 woman in per team, both genders play along, the court is spacious and there are specific rules which the players have to follow.

Doubles Tennis (4 Players) Vs Singles (2 Players)

When you go to the tennis playground you notice that both doubles and singles gaming are continuous alongside the net. Both these types of games possess the same target but there is one big difference that distinguishes them.

Single tennis involves two participants. Two opponents compete with each other. Normally it is played between two men or two women. One on either wall of the net. They spend the match throwing up the ball over the net endeavoring to get it past the other player.

Doubles tennis is played between two teams. Both teams are having two players from their sides. Doubles are known as four-handed tennis. Doubles are easy to play as compared to singles tennis.

Playing four players in doubles means that the game points occur quickly and more furious than in singles.

Doubles Tennis Rules

Rules are for both genders while they are playing as a team, there is also a mixed double tennis game in which 1 male and 1 female on each side.

There is no special condition for southpaw players, 10% of total tennis players are lefties including men and women.

The same applies to tennis equipment or gears, but the right choice of a tennis racquet in doubles definitely provides the upper hand in a match.

1. Doubles Tennis Court Dimensions

One of the big differences between singles and doubles tennis is the court. Doubles court is 9 feet wider than singles. However, the baseline remains the same for both singles and doubles.

Before starting the game, both teams perform a small toss with the help of a coin. They pick head or tail. And then decide accordingly which team will serve first. And the winning team decides which side of the court they want to play first.

Let’s suppose we have two teams. Team 1 wins the toss and serves first.

First part: of the game team 1, player A will play as a server and player B as a serving partner.

Second part: team 2, player C will play as a server and player D as a serving partner.

Third part: team 1, player B will be the server, and player A will be the serving partner.

Fourth part: team 2, player D will act as a server, and player C will be the serving partner.

In this way, four parts of the game will be completed.

2. Tennis Doubles Player Positioning

The players when receiving the ball have to stand in particular orientations. The receiver will stand tilted to the server within the baseline.

While the person along with the receiver has to take on the left of the central line. Proper positioning matters a lot if you want to play doubles tennis with strategy and tactics.

The main purpose of the receiving team is to return the ball to their opponents. If the position in this way they can give a tough time to their opponents.

3. Doubles Tennis Court 3 Formations (2U, 2B & 1U1B)

In court basically, there are 3 positions.

  1. Two up (Two players at the net)
  2. Two back (Two players at the baseline)
  3. one up – one back (One player at the net and one at the baseline)
Doubles Tennis Court 3 Formations (2U, 2B & 1U1B)

In two up positioning, both participants are seated at the net. In this way, they can cover most of the court. This is one of the best positions than the other two.

If you are serving then your companion should stand close to the baseline. After serving you should remain near baseline and intercept any ball near you.

Two back position means both participants are positioned on the baseline. In this way, you can also cover the maximum court. One up and one back means that one player is standing at the net while another player is standing at the baseline.

Court Formation Strategy Against your Opponent

The same holds for your challengers. While attacking first, make sure you guys follow the grid instruction and let them play their game. If they figure out your formation strategy, they will correct themselves to counter your movements.

Remember this. The closer range to the net will make you hit powerful shots again and again, which is an easier way to end the game quickly than from behind the baseline.

4. Doubles Tennis Scoring System

The scoring trend is a little bit different but simple in doubles tennis. The score is calculated in the form of points in tennis.
Love -No score- In tennis when both teams have zero scorings. The game is love-love. Tennis is the game in which love means no score or zero scores.

  • 0 points= Love
  • 1 point = 15
  • 2 points= 30
  • 3 points= 40
  • Tied score= All
  • 40-40 = Deuce
  • Server wins deuce point = Ad-In
  • Receiver wins deuce point = Ad-Out

Scoring point system by USTA

5. Doubles Tennis tie break Rules

But if the match ties between two teams, two continuous points will lead them to victory.

This rule of doubles scoring is known as ‘advantage in’ or ‘ad in’. These rules are also known as doubles tennis deuce rules. If a team scores one point after 40 points then it will be in advantage. And in ad state, if the team scores another point they will win the game.

To win a match you need to win 2 sets, to win a set, you need to win 6 games, to win a game, it required 4 points.

Scoring a Tiebreak Game: In doubles, the player on the opposing team due to serve will serve these points.

6. Team losing points scoring system

  • When the ball from either server-side or receiver side hits the surface one to two times.
  • If a player’s clothing or physique touches the racket.
  • If the performer strikes the ball more than one time.
  • A player blows the ball by moving over the net.

These are the most fundamental rules to keep in mind while playing tennis. These rules are followed by Australian open, French, and US open tournaments.

Useful PDF Link: Tennis Rules and Etiquette Guidelines

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