5 Best Tennis Racquet Vibration Dampeners [2020] Quick Review

Nadal, Joker and many Female Professional Tennis Players Using Vibration Dampeners

Recommending a vibration dampener to a tennis player is not an easy task, the first adviser should know all the positive and negative scenarios people would face, a tennis player using the Best tennis racquet with good quality shock absorber put a huge impact on your game.

In this modern era, competition becomes so tough. To win a highly competitive match, you have to use the techniques and result-oriented technologies. Tennis is the sport in which vibration creates many issues associated with players’ balance, control and arm injury. A technical tool named as a dampener becomes an essential part of dealing with vibration.

What is a player expecting after adjusting a Dampeners? It would reduce the tennis racquet’s vibration and expecting not to take off while hitting If you choose the right one your life would be easy.

List of Top 5 Best Tennis Racquet Vibration Dampeners

Brands ModelHonest ReviewRating Amazon for Price Check
Wilson Pro Feel Tennis DampenerRead Full Review9.0/10 Check Price
Babolat Vibrakill DampenerRead Full Review8.0/10
Check Price
Tourna Sampras DampenerRead Full Review8.8/10 Check Price
Babolat Custom Damp X2 DampenerRead Full Review9.0/10 Check Price
ADV Tennis Racquet DampenerRead Full Review9.2/10 Check Price

Nowadays people prefer to play Tennis more because it requires less area to play and you do not need to be more competent to perform. So far, you need the right tennis racquet. If you face problems with your racquet’s dampener, you will not be able to play it correctly. Then you may search for the best tennis racquet dampener that contains all the traits your need.

Top 5 Tennis Racquet Vibration Dampeners Review

1: Wilson Pro Feel Tennis Vibration Dampener

Wilson Pro Feel Tennis Racquet Vibration Dampener
Our Rating: ★★★★
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Want to make your game more smoother? then why don’t you look into wilson Pro Feel damper?

This chip will help you to reduce your racquet’s vibration in your hand, even well-experienced player thumbs up this Wilson damper, advance players enjoyed their game and see clear improvement too.

Constructed with Silicon which makes it more durable, it comes in a small form that does not interfere with your game. Some players always want to make a good contrast with their sports equipment. People usually prefer their things should be in contrast and here it comes in many eye-catchy colors.

Reducing Vibration is an achievement for a Damper maker if it gets appreciation from consumers and Wilson Pro feel meets comfort level among tennis players. Preventing from pinging after the hits by its simple but efficient construction. Pro feel works firmly and does not come out after fixing it.

Hitting hard and wrong angle shots will force damper to fly off, playing aggressive won’t enable you to play smoother serves and returns as well. It provides two dampeners in one pack.

Frequently Bought (Wilson Tennis Racquet Pro OverGrip, White, Pack of 3) Together

2: Babolat Vibrakill Vibration Dampener

Babolat Vibrakill Vibration Dampener (Clear)
Our Rating: ★★★
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If you face vibration shocks that go through your arm and affect your tennis elbow, you should use a tennis dampener to get out of this severe problem. Many dampeners are available in the market, but I appreciate Babolat Vibrakill Vibration Dampener due to its following best features.

Babolat dampener contains a stylish shape body containing snakelike semblance, formed by silicon material. Silicon structure makes it reliable and durable. It comes with clear white and black colors. The clips of the dampener can be inserted on strings easily, that commits and makes its effects on all the modules of strings.

This Babolat shock absorber is a high-performance device. It includes a Kinetic anti-vibration system that makes it to do maximum shock absorption. Vibrakill is the name of great comfort.

It has a smart body, and it’s lightweight due to its excellent material. Its weight is only 0.16 ounces. This device is suitable for all racquets. It covers about six strings due to its smart structure. It becomes the high ranked dampener that makes it one of the best racquet dampeners.

3: Tourna Sampras Vibration Dampener

Tourna Sampras Vibration Dampener
Our Rating: ★★★★
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Tourna Sampras Vibration is the best tennis dampener overall. In Tourna print design you can see Pete Sampras, and it is one of the best tennis racquet dampeners according to our testers.

Rubber construction with an alphabetic “O” shape, looks like a rubber band or donut. It fits between the strings of your racquet and will not fall out easily. It is easy to install. Due to its small size, it does not affect the shot area of the strings. It also fits perfectly with badminton and squash racquets.

This round tennis dampener is made of Silicon, which makes it firm and durable. Silicon, with the combination of rubber, assembles it stiffer and lightweight too. It comes in two colors, red and black. It is also one of the most popular options for Adv tennis players.

One of the benefits of the hole in the middle of the dampener is to minimize the wind resistance while you play a swing, whether its impact is very little according to size but its has importance in the senior’s eye and absolute adsording level , which will let you feel the change by its high and efficient performance.

4: Babolat Custom Damp X2 Vibration Dampener

Babolat Custom Damp X2 Vibration Dampener
Our Rating: ★★★★
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For Tennis’s good competition, dampener is now one of the essential tools with a tennis racquet. There are a vast number of Dampeners available in the market, but we recommend Babolat Custom Damp X2 Dampener, as it holds the following features

This amazing Babolat Vibration Dampener is customizable. As you can set the absorption level through a steel ball capsule by adding it to the washer. You can either put in for more dampening and put out for more ball feel. It works as an anti-vibration tool, that can be fixed as you want to.

Its weight is 0.18 ounces, round shape, and a small one contains very lightweight. It is available in the pack of two dampeners. It is available in three different color combinations. Furthermore, This racquet works as the best tennis racquet dampener due to its unique features.

Babolat Custom Damp X2 Vibration Dampener is a customizable dampener. You can set the vibration absorption level through a small steel ball capsule by adding it to the washer. Its placement is easy, and it is the best shock absorber. It is lightweight and small. It avails two dampeners per pack with three colors of combination.

5: ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener

ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener – Set of 3 – Ultimate Shock Absorbers for Racket and Strings – Premium Quality, Durable, and 100% Reliable – Poly-Silicone Material Technology
Our Rating: ★★★★
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Players use to play at different levels, that’s why they use different techniques of swings, styles, and tools according to their position. Dampener works as an essential tool. Players are always searching to find the one that benefits all playing levels. ADV represents you the best tennis racquet dampeners; it provides the dampeners of different sizes and colors.

ADV is available in three different sizes that provide three different specifications. All are constructed by using poly-silicon material that enhances the engineered durability of dampeners.

ADV gives you three dampeners choices in one pack. The first one termed as MAX SORB contains rates about 3/3 dampening, 2/2 in feel, and 1/3 in stiffness. While the second comes in medium size, named as SORB includes 2/3 in dampening, 2/3 in feel, and 1/3 in stiffness. The third is a small one, termed as TOUCH contains 1/3 in dampening, 2/3 in feel, and 2/3 in stiffness.

Its shock-absorbing system eliminates the chance of injury, and the tennis elbow problem is a dampener that transforms and can change your playing style.


The 21st century is a century of competition, technology, and development. For a tennis player, a fantastic tennis racquet is a primary need, but on the other hand, the only racquet can not be enough without any tool or technique to make a significant improvement in your game. The dampener is now essential with a tennis racquet to make it valuable. So, select the one that suits you or the best tennis damper. Choose the reliable, durable, comfortable, shock absorber, which helps to eliminate any injury problem.

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