Soft Tennis Racket & Lawn Tennis Racket

Clearly, many tennis fans don’t know about the soft tennis game, it’s similar to tennis, whenever someone reads or listens to tennis word all thoughts point to the same old champion’s game.

As of today, our Go Tennis Racquets team decided to put some light on soft tennis racquets, we picked soft tennis rackets to compare with tennis racquets later in this blog.

We are covering every aspect of soft tennis in detail but our focus will be only limited to racquets.

Few things we would like to cover first so you guys have little knowledge of soft tennis as a whole, on the other hand, a video will be shared from soft tennis officials.

As we know the original tennis game consists of multiple things including courts (Hard, Clay, Grass and Synthetic), Ball, Racquet, Net many other non-neglectable factors.

First, we talk about things that are common in tennis and soft tennis after that we will discuss the difference between tennis and soft tennis. In last, we will resolve the mystery of soft tennis racquets.

If a new person watches this game for the first time, both are indistinguishable from each other. Note, that this game is not a stepping stone for a tennis career.

Difference between Tennis & Soft Tennis

Rules: Almost the same for both games, in the future we may expect a few changes in soft tennis rules.

Techniques: Serve, volley, baseline, upper arm, under arm, forehand, backhand, smash, slice, topspin, flat are the same.

Formats: Soft tennis formats are the same as compare to lawn tennis. Single, Double, Mix Double (Men & Women), and team are allowed.

Courts: In soft tennis, Grass courts are not preferable. Recommended Wooden Courts are mostly in common. Their nets are of the same width, height, and length.

Equipment: The Racquet is almost the same you can see the soft tennis racket and tennis racket comparison chart below. Whereas the ball for soft tennis is made of rubber and filled with air. You can easily squeeze them.

Originated: Normal tennis was first played in Europe if we were precise then England started it, Soft tennis is initially from Japan in the year 1974, and tournaments are played in the Asian region.

Soft Tennis Racket Vs Lawn Tennis Racquet

Comparison between Soft Tennis Racket and Lawn Tennis Racquet

Grips: When it comes to grips Continental grip, Eastern grip, Semi-Western grip, Western grip, Extreme Western grip can be adopted by soft tennis players but they usually stick to basic grips.

Head Sizes: Almost the Same with little alteration makes soft tennis racket thinner.

Weight: The main factor that distinguishes both is weight, mainly because the lighter the racquet in soft tennis is more power to the hits.

Length: Almost the same

String Tension: Another characteristic that is accepted as an important change in soft tennis racquet strings at lower compression because it suits well.

We have gathered a few reliable soft tennis rackets for our readers, so they have the choice to go with something they are looking for, even soft tennis balls from the most reputable and well-known sellers with a good rating from Amazon.

  • Yonex is on top.
  • Prince soft tennis racquets are also good.

This game is safer and easier to play for elders and kids. As you can see in the video female players feel more comfortable with soft tennis because it doesn’t hurt their shoulders or cause any injury while in the game for a longer time.

Recommended Articles by Go Tennis Racquets, if didn’t found soft tennis is worth playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a soft tennis racket and a lawn tennis racket?

Soft tennis rackets are generally lighter and smaller in size compared to lawn tennis rackets. The strings are also strung at a lower tension in soft tennis rackets to allow for a softer impact with the ball. Additionally, soft tennis rackets have a unique Y-shaped frame and are constructed from materials such as carbon fiber, graphite, or aluminum. In contrast, lawn tennis rackets are heavier and larger, with higher string tension and a traditional oval or teardrop-shaped frame. Lawn tennis rackets are commonly made from materials such as graphite, fiberglass, or wood.

Can a soft tennis racket be used to play lawn tennis and vice versa?

Soft tennis rackets are not recommended for use in lawn tennis, as they are not designed to handle the weight and power of a tennis ball. Similarly, lawn tennis rackets are not ideal for use in soft tennis, as they are heavier and can hinder the speed and agility required for soft tennis gameplay.

What are the benefits of using a soft tennis racket?

Soft tennis rackets are designed to offer players a greater degree of control and maneuverability on the court, thanks to their lighter weight and smaller size. The lower string tension also enables players to generate greater spin and control over the ball. Additionally, soft tennis rackets can help reduce the risk of injury, as they absorb more shock from the impact of the ball.

What factors should I consider when choosing a soft tennis racket?

When choosing a soft tennis racket, it is important to consider factors such as the weight, size, and balance of the racket. The stiffness of the frame, the material used in construction, and the string tension can also impact the performance of the racket. It is recommended to choose a racket that feels comfortable in your hand and complements your playing style.

Can a beginner use a soft tennis racket?

Soft tennis rackets can be an excellent choice for beginners, as they offer greater control and ease of use on the court. The lighter weight and smaller size can make it easier for beginners to swing and maneuver the racket, while the lower string tension can help generate greater spin and control. However, it is still important to choose a racket that suits your individual needs and skill level.

Soft tennis rackets and lawn tennis rackets are two distinct types of rackets designed for racquet sports. They differ in size, weight, construction, and string tension, with soft tennis rackets offering greater control and ease of use, while lawn tennis rackets provide more power and precision.

Choosing the appropriate racket that best suits your playing style, skill level, and needs is essential for maximizing your playing experience and improving your skills on the court.

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