How to Put an Overgrip or Replacement Grip on Tennis Racquet?

How to Put an Overgrip or Replacement Grip on Tennis Racquet?

Overgrip & Replacement Grip


Generally, an overgrip is used because the original grip on your racquet is very thin and it is not very comfortable to use.

They come down rapidly while playing. So, the best way to preserve them is to use overgrip. The overgrip is wrapped over the racquet grips in such a way that it can protect the original base grip.

It is available at an average price, here we have listed overall best tennis racquets overgrips for Sweaty Hands or Hot (Humid) Weather.

Replacement Grip

The replacement grip is the first grip on the racquet. It performs the same functions as overgrip. Generally, replacement grips diameter is ranging from 1.3 mm to 2.4 mm. It is more durable and thick than overgrip.

How to Put Overgrip on Tennis Racquet?

Tools you need

While putting an overgrip on a tennis racquet, you will need these tools.

  1. Scissor (Buy from Amazon Link)
  2. Electrical Tape (Buy from Amazon Link)
  3. Screwdriver to remove the old grip (Buy from Amazon Link)

Step 1. Remove old Overgrip from tennis racquet

  •  Your tennis racquet already has an overgrip on the base grip. If you don’t want to further increase the diameter of a tennis racquet then you should remove the overgrip first.
  • Usually, this grip is on the handle of the racquet in V shape tape.
  • Peel off this tape from the racquet and dump it.

Step 2. Sit in the proper place

Before overgrip, your racquet, sit in a comfortable position. By doing this, you can easily cover your tennis racquet without any difficulty and without unbalancing tape.

 Step 3. Remove the overgrip from the packaging.

  • Overgrips are available in good packaging. So, open the packet. Remove overgrip from it and discard the packaging.
  • The sticky side of the overgrip will contain a plastic cover, remove the plastic cover and discard it.
  •  Small tape is provided with an overgrip and save that tape.

Step 4. Start wrapping overgrip

  • Now hold your racquet facing upwards towards you.
  • Overgrip will contain two ends. Sharp end and a wide end.
  •  Start wrapping with a sharp end.
  • Attach the sticky side of the overgrip on the widest flat edges of the racquet.
  • While wrapping overgrip racquet head should be stable against your leg.
  • Start wrapping overgrip from a slightly upward angle.
  •  This will ensure smooth wrapping of the overgrip without any bubbling.

Step 5. Continue wrapping in a downward position

  • The first wrap should be around the ground of the handle.
  • Continue wrapping overgrip from right to left in a downward position. Do continuous rotations. It should be about ⅛ inches thick.
  • Don’t make overgrip too thick otherwise, it would be difficult to handle. The overgrip should be smooth.
  • If you are a right-handed player then wrap the overgrip from right to left. If you are a left-handed player then wrap the overgrip from left to right.

Step 6.Finish wrapping

  • Some overgrips lengths are the same as your racquet handle grip.
  • But if the overgrip is more in length than your tennis handles then remove the excess overgrip with scissors.

Step 7. Protect overgrip with tape

Now protect your overgrip with the help of finished tape.

How to put a Grip on Tennis Racquet?

You can put a grip on the tennis racquet just like an overgrip. But the only difference is that the required grip has an adhesive backing to grasp optimally to the pellets of a tennis racquet.

To put a grip on a tennis racquet you will need

  1. New replacement grip (Head Hydrosorb Pro).
  2. Scissor
  3. Finishing tape

All you have to do is Follo below mentioned Steps

  • Remove the tape from your racquet handle with the help of scissors.
  • Unfold the old grip from your racquet.
  • Now the handle is uncovered. Clean residues from the tennis racquet. Thoroughly clean the residues from the racquet handle. So that the new grip can adhere properly to the handle.
  • Remove your new grip from the packaging. Discard the packaging.
  • You will notice a thin plastic sheet is attacked on the grip. Remove that plastic sheet.
  • If the grip is provided with adhesive backing. Then remove it thoroughly.
  • Align the sharp end of the grip to the butt cap of the racquet and start wrapping.

Left Handed Tennis Players Put Replacement Grip

  • If you are a right-handed player then wrap it from left to right. If you are a left-handed player go in the opposite direction.
  • While wrapping makes sure that you are providing adequate tension to make the grip smooth and flat.
  • If you are facing any difficulty to wrap or adhere grip to handle or adhesive backing is not working well. Then use a staple gun to staple it from the tapered end.
  • Continue wrapping till you reach the top of the handle. The grip should have a thickness of 1/16 inch.
  • When you reach the top of the racquet, make a line with the help of a pen or marker. The line should be aligned on the top end of the handle.
  • Unfold the grip slightly to see the line you draw.
  • Now cut the grip from the line you drew with the help of scissors.
  • Lastly, protect your grip with the help of finished tape.

After all we things change with the passage of time and technology improves tennis gears if we look back. Tennis Racquets are the most powerful weapons in our arsenal, and you want to keep your sticks in good shape.

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