Best Tennis Racquets for Control

Power and control are the two crucial ingredients in the recipe for a perfect stick. Tennis racquets for control are supposed to give maximum control on the ball so that players who are aggressively hitting wild shots may have accurate precision over the ball. After extensive research, we have found out some best tennis racquets for … Read more

Best Tennis Racquet Overgrips for Sweaty Hands in Hot (Humid) Weather

Tennis racquet Overgrips and your performance go hand in hand. The overgrips are a thin and elastic material that you actually wrap around the actual grip on your racquet, in order to protect the original grip or avoid slipperiness. Tennis racquet overgrips are used for several purposes such as comfort and sweat absorption. Almost all … Read more

Best Tennis Racquets for Tennis Elbow 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

It is a condition that every player is afraid of. Almost every tennis player suffers from this deadly condition once in a lifetime. Therefore, players look for ways to prevent it. Nothing can be more painful than the dreadful pain of a tennis elbow. It not only hurt your elbow but your performance and health … Read more

Tennis Elbow Symptoms & Treatment [Surgical or Non-Surgical]

Lateral epicondylitis, which is more commonly known as Tennis Elbow is a painful condition which is characterized by intense pain in the forearm and wrist. Overuse of the arm and wrist muscles during playing tennis is the main cause of painful tennis elbow condition. Athletes are not the only people who develop tennis elbow, rather … Read more

Wilson Clash 100 Review

wilson clash 100 tennis racquet review

Hello readers, welcome to the Wilson Clash 100 review, from this section we will explain every aspect of this stick in more depth. A short version of core functionalities and values of clash 100. Few factors we have been shortlisted for you folks so you will know what’s coming next in the article. Wilson Clash … Read more

Benefits of Playing Tennis for Seniors

Tennis is not only popular among the young population but also, a big number of senior populations is fond of playing tennis. Usually, in sports, a player retires after crossing 35.  But you will be amazed to know that the International Tennis Federation has its own seniors and super senior division. This clearly indicates that … Read more

Soft Tennis Racket & Lawn Tennis Racket

Clearly, many of the tennis fans don’t know about the soft tennis game, it’s similar to tennis, whenever someone read or listen to tennis word all thoughts point to the same old champion’s game. As of today, our Go Tennis Racquets team decided to put some light on soft tennis racquets, we picked soft tennis … Read more