How to Choose a Tennis Racquet for Beginners (Kid, Adult, Girl, Senior)

Tennis players including Kids, Adults, Girls, Seniors holding tennis racquets in court

Beginners or newbies find it difficult to choose a tennis racquet.


Because they are just developed their interest in tennis and want to get equipped with the best gear to perform well. It’s evident that they won’t have enough knowledge of good tennis racquets for beginners.

Facing the same kind of treatment when I think of playing tennis, now I find it a good thing to guide kids, adults, females, and elders about choosing their first tennis racquet.

Let us start with discussing some important aspects of choosing a beginner tennis racquet as follows.

What Things a Starter Should Consider Before Buying a Beginner Level Tennis Racquet?

1. Head Size

Head Sizes of Oversize Midplus and Midsize in Inches

When it comes to choosing a beginner tennis racquet, head size matters a lot. Tennis racquet categories in three different sizes, i.e.

  • Oversize: 105” to 115”
  • Mid plus: 98” to 104”
  • Midsize: 85” to 97”

Keeping this aspect in mind, an oversize head suits the demands and needs of a beginner tennis player.

How? You might ask.

An oversize head simply means a larger sweet spot. So, beginners could middle the balls easily with an oversize head racquet.

Furthermore, a large head size also offers more forgiveness. This means no matter which area of the racquet you hit, it will generate enough power.

2. Frame Weight

Similarly, frame weight also matters when we focus on absolute beginners.

Beginners need more power then control in their tennis racquets
  • light in weight (9 to 9.7 Oz)
  • medium weight (9.8 to 11 Oz)
  • heavyweight (11 Oz)

Beginners should get themselves a tennis racquet with a lightweight frame. A lightweight frame ensures improved swinging speed.

Besides, it also improves comfort, balance, and stability when newbies play a variety of shots. All in all, as a starter your priority should be inclined towards getting an oversized head with a lightweight frame tennis racquet.

3. Racquet Length

Tennis racquet length for 27 inches or small or greater for power and speed

A racquet’s length also holds prime importance when we focus specifically on newbies.

In this context, a tennis racquet is normally started from 19 inches to 29″ long. To keep things in perspective, longer racquets provide more stability, power, and balance.

In fact, height is also a major factor that you should consider before buying a tennis racquet, handling a long tennis racquet is more convenient for a beginner as compared to a standard frame racquet.

So, if you are just starting your tennis career, then invest in a long tennis racquet. This way you’d be more comfortable while trying different shots.

4. Durability

Durability means the ability to withstand harsh and rough conditions for a long time. As a beginner, you are prone to breaking your racquets more often and that’s the reason I recommend choosing racquets from a reliable brand only.

Brands like Wilson, Head, and Babolat are extremely reliable. You could choose any one of them as per your preferences.

5. Strings

Tennis Racquet strings information chart

Strings are not that important when it comes to recreational players, because folks won’t find the difference between high-end strings and low-quality strings. Just go with the natural guts.

What to Consider Before Buying a Tennis Racquet for Kids?

1. Tennis Racquet Length for Kids

The length of the racquet matters a lot when you want to make a purchase for your kid.

A kid’s racquet must not exceed above 25”. The most convenient option is to get a 19” tennis racquet, especially if your kid is too small.

You can increase the length of the racquet depending on your kid’s height as well.

2. Tennis Racquet Grip for Kids

Grip size is of prime importance specifically when we talk about kids. A way too large or too small grip could impact the comfort level of your child.

Usually, a standard size 4 grip works perfectly for kids. However, you could choose a different size depending on the hand size of your kid.

It’s better to visit a local tennis store along with your kid so that you can get him/her the best option available there.

Furthermore, make sure that the racquet’s durable enough and isn’t prone to harsh hits as kids tend to smash their racquets on the surface A LOT.

3. Tennis Racquet Weight for Kids

Tennis racquet weights differ according to your child’s build, if a kid 9-year-old with a huge body or good physical health then the weight would be according to his/her choice, but lightweight is always recommended for kids.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Tennis Racquet for Adults

1. Tennis Racquet Head Size For Adults Beginner

Adults just like beginners would not want to miss their shots at any cost.

Therefore, the recommended head size for them is around 110” to 115”. In simpler words, they’d need to get an oversized tennis racquet.

You see, this way, adults will feel more comfortable while middling their shots. Plus, enhanced forgiveness will allow them to make well-balanced serves and smashes.

2. Tennis Racquet Length for Adult Beginners

Adult tennis racquets’ length ranges from 27 to 29 inches.

The longer a racquet, the more power it provides. Now, keeping this thing in perspective, if you don’t have a strong enough physique, then get yourself a long tennis racquet.

Similarly, if you’ve got a great physique, then there’s no need to choose a long racquet. Get a standard tennis racquet of 27″ from a prestigious brand and you are good to go.

3. Get an Unstrung Racquet

Adults who want to play tennis with ease and comfort should choose an unstrung racquet. When you purchase a prestrung racquet, chances are that the string quality would be cheap.

Besides, the default string tension is intentionally kept loose to enhance the durability of the strings. But, with an unstring racquet, you’ll have the option to choose the string you want along with string tension.

This way, it’d become easy for the adults to challenge their opponents and play some sleek shots with customized string tension.

4. Weight Distribution

Being absolute beginners, players need a tennis racquet with a balance of proper weight distribution.

In this aspect, racquets either have a heavy head or a light head. To be more specific, a heavy head racquet improves power, which is a primary requirement for the kid.

So, that should be the first preference for parents when it comes to choosing a kid’s tennis racquet.

How to Choose a Racquet for Female Beginners?

3 women on tennis tennis court holding their racquets

Female tennis players also require more power, control, stability, and balance while challenging their opponents.

Some key factors to keep in mind while choosing a beginner female tennis racquet are as follows

1. Tennis Racquet More Power for Beginner Lady

Choosing a racquet that offers extra power will solve many problems for a female tennis racquet.

That said, longer racquets offer more power production. Besides, the Wide Throat design also impacts the shots women play.

If it’s more power you demand, then better choose a long tennis racquet with a wide throat shape.

2. Tennis Racquet with Large Head Size

A large head size literally means enhanced power with a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness.

For women’s tennis players, I suggest getting an oversized tennis racquet. The 115” size is more than enough to generate more power with added stability and control.

Hence, female players who struggle to play precise shots should change their racquets accordingly.

3. Lightweight Tennis Racquet for Petite Female

Choosing a lightweight tennis racquet would make things easier for beginner female players.

Light in weight racquet from brands like Wilson or Head not only improves the swing. But it also helps to reduce the fatigue of playing shots again and again.

How to Choose a Tennis Racquet for Seniors

Seniors who are way past their agility and stamina should choose a racquet that caters to their needs. That said, their requirements are similar to beginner players as they are way past their prime.

Some suggestions in this regard are as follows

1. Lightweight Nature

Seniors cannot afford to swing a heavyweight racquet after every shot. That’s just like asking them to play against prime Roger Federer. (Pun Intended)

A racquet with a lightweight nature, i.e. weighing less than 9.5 Oz works perfectly for seniors who could enjoy playing some sleek shots with full control.

2. Large Head Size

Similarly larger head size would suit the needs of seniors as they cannot middle every ball as they did at their young age.

Hence, just like beginners, I suggest they invest in an oversized racquet with a size of around 110” to 115”.

3. Power and Control

A racquet that offers more power and control is what seniors need the most when they are about to play different shots.

In this aspect, seniors should look into beginner tennis racquets if they want to improve the power and control of the shots they make.

That’s all about what and what not to keep in mind before choosing a racquet. I’ve tried to demonstrate each and everything with my coaching experience.

If I suggest a stick that would be considered the best overall beginners racquet is Head TI S6.

Now, keep these things in mind and make a perfect decision as per your requirements and needs.

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