Top 10 Common Tennis Serve Mistakes

A tennis serve is a shot, after that the tennis begins. A player hits the ball efficiently it falls into the opposite service box without interrupting by the tennis net.

Tennis is the most popular game among players. They invest their huge time and stamina learning and playing tennis. A tennis player knows about the amount of sweat they have given to this game.

A player wants to get perfection in the Serve because the “Serve, serves the tennis player name, fame or shame”. Pro tennis player always works hard to get their serves better or improved with time.

However, few players still complain about the worst serves. We have gathered some common mistakes while playing tennis servers. Let’s have a look.

Overcome Listed Mistakes to Improve Tennis Serve

1. Poor leg drive

The legs are the most powerful muscles in the human body. Many tennis players are unaware of the strength they have in their legs. They don’t use their legs near the tennis serve. You need to find out the best move to hit a bigger serve.

2. Stiff Follow Through

A slightly tighter and stiff service motion can bring positive results to your table. Even if you think your hit is in the right position but still, you may be leaving something. Just relax. Free up your swing and focus on the racquet head speed.

3. Lowering the Toss Arm

The tossing arm sometimes misses the appropriate position. This is too low, it leads to weak shots. An improper trophy pose can destroy the beauty of your serve. You should fix the lowering of the toss arm to develop more power and bounce in the ball.

4. Bad Toss Location

It is possible to throw a high-quality service motion without landing into a targeted position? Will you take advantage of playing this unsuccessful shot? A poor toss causes a double fault and bad results. You should be learning to achieve accuracy, hire some professional or seek help from a pro-player.

5. A Mishit

The most common mistake a player does is the mishit. The mistakes are in the ball without hitting the center of the racquet. Many reasons might include not keeping an eye on the ball. The service is very much affected by the mishit.

6. Waiter Tray Position

The single most destructive habit while hitting a serve is Waiter Tray Position. This position is so bad for power and spin. The player should avoid these sorts of mistakes while trying to hit the serve. Ask anyone who is a consistent player about the betterment of this position. You can also hire a tennis coach for this.

7. Wrong Rhythm

There are three different rhythms to service motion. Some amateur player opts for the wrong rhythm that kills the quality of your service. As a passionate learner, you must learn the best ways to maintain the momentum and the flow of your serve.

8. The Improper Stance

An improper stance is the main mistake any player can make during the serve. Sometimes the back foot for a right net post or front foot is parallel to the baseline. The basic stance should be the correct direction in which you are serving.

A new learner should start learning the serve from aside, the reason for this is the less difference between the ball flight and the swing ball,

9. The Grip

Who can even say they don’t give importance to the Grip during a Tennis game? Some player doesn’t know how to grip the tennis racquet, this can lead to a bad serve. The way you hold the racquets can make it easy to identify whether your service will be a hit or miss.

The correct way to hold a racquet is the same as you are holding a hammer. Try to hold on the edge perpendicular to the ground. The correction in the Grip mistake can make your serve better.

Adding the overgrips on the original base grip provides you extra comfort, a customized texture and feel. It also increases the handle’s circumference. An overgrip also improves your serve. Check out the best tennis racket grip for sweaty hands.

10. Loose – drop, Swing-up and Pronation

These all terms are associated with The Hitting. The hitting part is a spot where the serve generates either correct or incorrect. The Hit defines if the balls hit correctly or to the flat, slice and topspin or not. These all factors are not directly responsible for good service but they surely influence it.

I can demonstrate as the trophy position, wrong backswing and no coiling can lead you to a topspin, slice or flat serve. It has less power and more discomfort.

To Sum –up

A Tennis Serve is a sort of weapon. This weapon only works when the technique and usage are right. The Serve becomes a disaster when it is not executed correctly. So, you as a player should work hard to learn the perfect Serve. Wiki

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