Wilson Wood Tennis Racquets

Vintage Wilson Jack Kramer Junior Autograph Wood Tennis Racquet with Cover Sports Decor Bar Pub Man Cave Rec Room

Wilson wooden tennis racquets production is just for decoration, advertisements or uses in photography nowadays, Wilson wood vintage racquets are can be bought from e-commerce sites or social groups. eBay & Etsy are most popular portals among people who wants to buy asthetic products, you can also buy used wooden tennis racquets at cheap prices, … Read more

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Tennis Racquet Deals

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Tennis Racquet Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021 come right after another, on both events, sellers put huge discounts on their tennis products. All tennis racquet brands update their tennis racquets prices in order to sell most of them. Here we have listed down all the best seller products from the tennis category in our best Black … Read more

Best Tennis Racquets Under 300g

best Tennis Racquets under 300 grams weight using yonex precision scan measurement machine

Recently, we’ve been testing a lot of Racquets under 300 grams and measuring their weight using a scale machine, so we thought, why not publish our thoughts as a convenient list? Beginner Racquets typically weigh less than 300g, making them an excellent choice for intermediate players, junior players, and even advanced players who need a … Read more

Roger Federer Tennis Racquets History

Roger Federer, one of the legends of Tennis, has 103 ATP Singles titles in his bag, which include 20 Grand Slams, 28 ATP Masters, and a record of 6 playing 6 ATP finals. Federer used Wilson racquets throughout most of his career, along with string savers, to make his racquets more durable and robust. He … Read more

Best Wilson Tennis Racquets

Wilson is well known for sporting goods, every year Wilson improving tennis racquets according to players need and to achieve perfection in their equipment to perform outstandingly. From time to time, top-level professional players as a brand ambassadors which makes them more prominent on big screens and people want what they see. Best Wilson tennis … Read more

Best Tweener Tennis Racquets in 2021 Reviews

You could not shift from a beginner racquet to a professional instantly. What I want to imply is that you need something in between to improve your overall game steadily. In this aspect, there’s nothing better than to invest in the best tweener tennis racquet. Why? Because a tweener racquet is weighty enough. Not only … Read more