Roger Federer Tennis Racquets History

Roger Federer, one of the legends of Tennis, has 103 ATP Singles titles in his bag, which include 20 Grand Slams, 28 ATP Masters, and a record of 6 playing 6 ATP finals. Federer used Wilson racquets throughout most of his career, along with string savers, to make his racquets more durable and robust. He … Read more

How to Hold a Tennis Racquet? Guide for Left-Handed Players

Tennis racket handled by Southpaw player

Lefties make up only about 10 percent of the population, but studies have revealed that the left-handed are quite sharp, creative and imaginative. They are more active in sports, especially in tennis most women and men aren’t left-handed.  In the modern age, tennis grips have evolved along with changing equipment. The players are faster and … Read more

World’s Fastest Tennis Serves Ever (Males & Females)

Tennis surely is a game of fun, especially the part where you serve. Wanna know why? Well, serve is one of the most crucial, yet the most important part of the play when it comes to playing tennis. You see, a serve allows you control, a control that you have over the other player to … Read more

Most Liked Best Tennis Racquet Brands in the World

List of most popular tennis racquet brands

This in-depth and detailed analysis of the best tennis racquet brands will help you to choose the best tennis racquets for you. More than 15 tennis brands are available in the market. So, it is difficult to decide which brand is good or perfect to use. A lot of manufacturers are available in the market … Read more

Top 10 Best Babolat Tennis Racquets for Players of all Level

Top Babolat Tennis Racquets

Are you a tennis player searching for the best racquet to win important matches? This article will help you to select from the list of best Babolat tennis racquets, we have reviewed the qualities you should look for in a tennis racquet before investing your money. Different brands are manufacturing tennis racquets, and Babolat is … Read more

Tennis Gifts for Him on Special Occasions: 18 Cool Ideas

Tennis Gifts for Him are the best way to express your love and affection. Gifts are the reason for building a loving relationship among people. You can say the act of giving and receiving gifts builds a strong connection. When it comes to gifts, choosing the PERFECT gift for your sportsman boyfriend, husband, brother, or … Read more

Top 10 Common Tennis Serve Mistakes

A tennis serve is a shot, after that the tennis begins. A player hits the ball efficiently it falls into the opposite service box without interrupting by the tennis net. Tennis is the most popular game among players. They invest their huge time and stamina learning and playing tennis. A tennis player knows about the … Read more

Wilson Blade 98 16×19 vs 18×20 Tennis Racquets

Tennis is all about learning and implementing newer techniques to beat your opponent. One of the ways to mold your game a specific way is to go with a suitable string pattern. Now the next question is what are the most common string patterns? Well, the 16×19 Vs. 18×20 is a legit hot battle right … Read more

Best Tennis Racquets for High School Players (Boys & Girls)

Looking for a tennis racquet for high school players which offers power, flexibility, and an ergonomic grip? Well, today I will be taking you on a rollercoaster ride! We will explore some of the top-notch tennis racquets for high school players. A high school player requires a little higher level racquet than a beginner tennis … Read more

Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Juniors in 2022

Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Juniors

Enough with using racquets like Babolat Aero or Pure Drive. When it comes to serious business, you might need to choose from the best tennis racquets for advanced juniors. I’ll get to the business right away. Beginner racquets surely help the juniors play some crazy and powerful shots. However, one cannot rely on them, especially … Read more