Wilson Blade 98 16×19 vs 18×20 Tennis Racquets

Tennis is all about learning and implementing newer techniques to beat your opponent. One of the ways to mold your game a specific way is to go with a suitable string pattern.

Now the next question is what are the most common string patterns? Well, the 16×19 Vs. 18×20 is a legit hot battle right now. These two string patterns have a loyal fan base and I can easily see why.

The fact of the factor is! Choosing the right string pattern can enhance your skill level. On the contrary, when you accidentally use a wrong pattern; your skill level can regress surely.

So, let’s start by discussing the string patterns while keeping the latest Wilson Blade 98 tennis racquet in mind. How do professionals choose string patterns as well as what are the pros and cons of these patterns? So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

Wilson 98 Series Offers Some Best String Patterns

Now that we have established whichever string pattern is suitable for us. It is also essential to go with a reputable racquet! The reason is quite simple. If you want to succeed in playing better; both your racquet and string pattern should be top-notch.

Now, the Wilson Blade series is my personal favorite. Let’s take the example of the Blade 98 V7.0. It is a proper classic! The racquet offers an impeccable grip as well as sublime frame flexibility.

It is an open pattern 16×19, the perfect racquet to play with if you want to become a spin wizard like Roger Federer!

The blade V7.0 is also available in the conventional 18×20 string pattern. That is recommended if you are trying to become a precise hitter who doesn’t want the match to go to deuces.

What Are String Patterns – Let’s Discuss

The major composition of your racquet is the string pattern! From the naked eye, the various string patterns might all appear the same. But when you look at them in-depth; you would know the major differences and advantages they possess.

Your tennis racquet has a specific string pattern that can help you develop some serious skills. A “string pattern” is the number of strings (vertical ) x the number of strings (horizontal). Generally, these strings are joined together in two main patterns that we will discuss later.

The most common sorts of string patterns are open string patterns and dense string patterns. For someone who is a power hitter like Novak, a dense string pattern is suitable. On the other hand, spin wizards like Roger are more drawn toward an open pattern.

16×19 – What Does It Bring To The Table?

With a much more open spacing in a 16×19 string pattern; you gain more spin and theatrics that come with it. A 16×19 string pattern is something suitable if you wish to improve the spin and power aspect of your game.

In a traditional 16×19 pattern, you have large spaces between the individual strings. This ultimately provides you with a proper feel of the contact. The large surface area allows more string movement at the point of contact.

Ultimately you can surprise your opponent with either a sweet spin shot. On the contrary, you can also shift the gears and go in with full power. Training on the 16×19 string pattern can help you mold your game like the Legend Roger Federer.

The last thing which might be crossing your mind is the major drawbacks of 16×19 patterns. Well, the major drawback is that your strings are more likely to break with the open style on the 16×19 pattern. Apart from this, you will also feel a little less in control at the point of contact.

18×20 – How Will It Affect Your Playing Style?

The next string pattern might be the most famous at the moment. The 18×20 string pattern has 18 mains (vertical) and 20 crosses (horizontal). The string pattern comes with ample control and precise play.

The string pattern has somewhat of a close design. In this sense, the spaces between the individual strings are fewer. The style is so completely different from a traditional open 16×19 string pattern.

With the 18×20 you go for control and precise shots. The contact between the ball and the strings is tough and flat. So, if you are someone who is trying to improve the control aspect; you should go with an 18×20 pattern with your eyes closed.

The 18×20 string pattern is perfect for hitting slice shots that require control. It is often seen in super close matches that; the pros usually prefer to play in a controlled way. So, if you are planning on investing in an 18×20 string pattern. It might be worth the money.

Lastly, the lesser spacing between the string patterns also comes with another benefit. The string tension in a denser 18×20 pattern is low. So, your strings are generally firmer and do not break that easily.

Well, all things said; if you want to bring that composure to your game like the Legend Rafa Nadal. You might want to experiment with an 18×20 string pattern that has got the tools for success.

Impact Of A String Pattern On Shaping Your Game

From whatever angle you look at it; the importance of string patterns in the tennis game is second to none. The string pattern has the same importance rating as the frame on my scale.

With the frame, you go towards flexibility, stability, and improving the grip aspects of your game. On the other hand, with string patterns; you are shaping your game in a particular direction.

For instance, a 16×19 string pattern might be suitable for that touch of magic. The spin factor is the biggest reason pros go for a 16×19 pattern.

Now, if you choose an 18×20 pattern and started training for spin shots. You might be hit with failure! The reason for this failure is that an 18×20 string pattern focuses on control and not on the spin.

So, what we deduce from this discussion is quite straightforward. Every string pattern brings some tools to the table. Now if you are training to mold your game one way; it is essential to use the correct string pattern to achieve that goal.

Learn By Experimenting & Boost Your Game

Both of these string patterns can either enhance or limit your performance. Now, if you choose the correct string pattern you can add more weapons to your arsenal. But for that, you ultimately need to put yourself through a test run.

If you are skeptical about modeling your game behind a particular star? And you are also open to trying both of these string patterns. I would suggest you go ahead and give it a try.

The results might be surprising to you! The feeling that you get when you hit the slice shots with dense patterns is unmatchable. On the contrary, the depth and spin potential provided by a 16×19 is also surprisingly good.

After you have successfully tested both of the string patterns you can make a better decision.

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Some Last Words

The tennis string pattern is something whose importance is shown in the middle of an intense point. Whether you want to surprise your opponent with a spin shot or you want to tire them out with the precise game.

Choosing the right string pattern is the first step to achieving the desired results. Now, we have briefly dissected the open string pattern 16×19 as well as the denser 18×20.

All that is left is for you to pick those Wilson series racquets. This has your custom string pattern inside and simply lets your game speak for itself.

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