Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Juniors in 2022

Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Juniors

Enough with using racquets like Babolat Aero or Pure Drive. When it comes to serious business, you might need to choose from the best tennis racquets for advanced juniors. I’ll get to the business right away. Beginner racquets surely help the juniors play some crazy and powerful shots. However, one cannot rely on them, especially … Read more

Best Tennis Racquets for Spin

Want more Spin? you need a suitable tennis racquet which produces enough spin. select an open string pattern and adjust the right tension which improves your spin shots. Whenever I hear the word, “Spin” someone automatically comes to my mind. You got that right. I’m talking about Rafael Nadal, a.k.a, “The Clay Court King.” What’s … Read more

Best Tennis Racquets for College Players in 2022

Here to find out the top-rated tennis racquets for college players? Look no further as I’ve got your back. College tennis players could not play anymore with a junior tennis racquet as they don’t need extra power or extra stiffness. What they do require is a tennis racquet that offers improved control, stability, and power. … Read more

Vintage Wooden Tennis Racquets

Tennis racquets have evolved over the years in terms of quality, style and performance. This evolution is not a one-day story, not so quick as you can witness the transformation from old school racquets to modern technology-packed racquets. The wooden structure rackets and oversized head racquets are the symbols of quality among popular tennis players. … Read more

Best Lightweight Tennis Racquets Review

Best Lightweight tennis racquets for Adults

Majorly beginners, females, seniors or players who suffered from an arm or shoulder injury prefer to go with a racquet whose weight is under 280 grams or 10 ounces. In search of a lightweight tennis racquet, you have to compromise on control, because as weight decreases power increases, or you can say control and power … Read more

Best Wilson Tennis Racquets

Wilson is well known for sporting goods, every year Wilson improving tennis racquets according to players need and to achieve perfection in their equipment to perform outstandingly. From time to time, top-level professional players as a brand ambassadors which makes them more prominent on big screens and people want what they see. Best Wilson tennis … Read more

Best Oversize Tennis Racquets in 2022 Reviews

Facing difficulty improving your serve, groundstrokes, and power shots? You, my friend, need to look into the best oversize tennis racquets. What good comes with an oversize tennis racquet? For starters, an oversized frame offers more stability and is generally more forgiving compared to midsized racquets. Other than that, oversized frames offer a larger sweet … Read more