Doubles Tennis Players Positioning & Rules

This is a form of a tennis game in which four players play from their respective team, players can be males or females, two players on each side of the court in doubles tennis.  Best Tennis Racquets for Females But in a mix double 1 man & 1 woman in per team, both genders play … Read more

Tennis Racquet Overgrip & Grip Difference?

Difference Between Tennis Overgrip & Grip? A grip is a replacement grip, whereas a replacement grip applied directly to the handle and they are in direct contact with the tennis handle. Also, they have a sticky backside so that they can be stuck easily on the handle. In contrast to this, overgrips do not have … Read more

Tennis Elbow Symptoms & Treatment [Surgical or Non-Surgical]

Lateral epicondylitis, which is more commonly known as Tennis Elbow is a painful condition which is characterized by intense pain in the forearm and wrist. Overuse of the arm and wrist muscles during playing tennis is the main cause of painful tennis elbow condition. Athletes are not the only people who develop tennis elbow, rather … Read more

Benefits of Playing Tennis for Seniors

Tennis is not only popular among the young population but also, a big number of senior populations is fond of playing tennis. Usually, in sports, a player retires after crossing 35.  But you will be amazed to know that the International Tennis Federation has its own seniors and super senior division. This clearly indicates that … Read more

Soft Tennis Racket & Lawn Tennis Racket

Clearly, many of the tennis fans don’t know about the soft tennis game, it’s similar to tennis, whenever someone read or listen to tennis word all thoughts point to the same old champion’s game. As of today, our Go Tennis Racquets team decided to put some light on soft tennis racquets, we picked soft tennis … Read more

How COVID-19 is Affecting the TENNIS Game?

Tennis- a great summer sport, was unfortunately not played in the summers of 2020, because of the Global COVID pandemic. For a while tennis fans thought that there will not be any tennis championship in this year. But, thanks to health and safety protocols, that revive this game again. Following COVID-busting protocols, different tennis championships … Read more

How to Choose the Right Size Tennis Racquet for a Child

Tennis is a great sport to enhance the gross motor and fine skills of children. Not only this, but it also strengthens the bones and immunity system. In fact, tennis has a multitude of developmental benefits for kids. But remember, this game will be more beneficial to your kid if you choose the right size … Read more

Top 14 Benefits of Playing Tennis [Physical, Social & Mental]

Reasons to Play Tennis

Its all about give and take, when you look for positive aspects of playing tennis you will get what you want. In the current pandemic situation everyone looking for a tension-free environment, which is possible you can make the current time beautiful which you won’t be going to regret. The thing you have to do … Read more

Schedule: U.S Open Tournament 2020

U.S Open Logo

Main draws of US Open 2020 for Men’s and Women’s are shown in Fixtures 2020. In the Tennis world, U.S Open progress amazingly and has a huge fan following around the world, it bears little resemblance to the tournament when it started in 1881. Evolving is with the passage of time is the main key, … Read more