Best Tennis Racquets Under $200

Good quality but mid-range tennis racquets are very hard to find these days. The better the quality of the racquet and the more features it has, the higher its price is bound to be. In addition, the large number of knock-offs doesn’t make it any easier to filter out quality racquets. If you are looking … Read more

Best Head Tennis Racquets

Head Tennis Racquet Brand

Head is one of the most well-known and renowned racquet manufacturer companies in the world. Head tennis racquets have long been recognized for their strength, inventiveness, and technology. It was established in 1950 to produce one of the best tennis racquets. After using it by the players like Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf began in … Read more

Best Nintendo Switch Tennis Rackets

The Best Nintendo Switch Tennis Rackets

Mario Tennis Aces is a pretty popular game on the Nintendo Switch. You can play with either your friends, family, or even alone. But you might encounter some issues while playing the game. One of them being good rackets. Let’s face it, good rackets for games like these are hard to come by. Some are … Read more

Prince Ripstick Tennis Racquet Review

Prince Ripstick Tennis Racquet 300g

PRINCE Ripstick new tennis racquet is now added to the list of best tweener tennis racquets with old frame design and embedded with latest technologies. Prince Racquet Beast tweener has been replaced by the new models, which place a greater emphasis on frame attributes. Prince senior director Tim Puttock says, “We have been most successful … Read more

Tennis Racquet Racks

Best Tennis Racquets Racks

Tennis players love to see their equipment in an organized way, it shows their devotion towards it. Every athlete designs their shelf in a proper way so whenever he/she put gaze on them they would feel pleasant by seeing them in order. The racquet is the main equipment in tennis which covers most of the … Read more

Most Expensive Tennis Racquets in History

Proximus Diamond Games Prize Worth of $1.3 M

Tennis is one of the games with high price trophies and player salaries. Tennis requires a lot of grace and strength, It requires quick reactions and an extraordinary amount of stamina as well. Clearly, professional tennis players are some of the highest earners in the world of sport. It is also important that the racquets … Read more

Best Tennis Books to Read

Improve your Tennis Game by Reading Books

I’ve been involved with tennis for many years – plain and simple it’s one of the loves of my life.  And because I love winning, trophies, and beating my buddies, I’ve studied and read everything on this great game. I even once ordered old tennis books by Pancho Gonzalez, Don Budge, and Jack Kramer just … Read more

Best Prince Tennis Racquets

Tennis is one of the most popular sports globally, and with that comes many manufacturers and brands looking to sell their racquets. Prince produces many great bats for tennis champions. For decades, Prince has produced high-end tennis racquets used not only by professionals but also for recreational players. Best Tennis Racquets for Recreational Players Prince … Read more